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Solaris Harness

Solaris Harness

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3D-Vent women’s harness. Edelrid's fully-adjustable Solaris women’s harness features EDELRID 3D-Vent Technology and is specially designed to fit the female anatomy.

• 3D-Vent Technology: unparalleled fit and wear comfort via 3D construction, optimal pressure distribution and maximum air permeability

• Its dual webbing straps with 10 mm Slide Block buckles allow the ergonomically-shaped harness to be adjusted to fit all hip shapes

• Longer leg loop bridge enables optimal positioning above the hip bones for full comfort whether climbing or hanging

• Adjustable leg loops with elasticated mesh inserts for optimal and flexibility

• Abrasion protector for extra durability at tie-in point

• 4 symmetric fixed gear loops for perfect organization, 2 attachment options for ice screw clips, chalk bag loop