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Juncture Liquid Chalk
Juncture Liquid Chalk
Juncture Liquid Chalk

Juncture Liquid Chalk

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The softest, silkiest hand-feel of any liquid chalk available at Sender One!


Made with simple, clean, and best quality ingredients, Juncture offers high performing liquid chalk without added fillers.

Applying a small amount of texture cream on your hands keeps your hands dry. It's designed to get in the crevices of your fingerprints to optimize friction performance.

Use Juncture texture cream as base coat for your hands before applying your favorite loose chalk, or use as a stand alone. Juncture's formula helps build the confidence, sticking power, and the extra edge climbers need to perform better.

Product Details:

  • 80mL (2.7 oz) squeeze tube (travel size)
  • Cream-like texture provides full hand coverage
  • Removes initial moisture, sweat, and oils from hands
  • Fast drying formula
  • Fine particulate food grade certified chalk
  • Smooth chalk feeling
  • High quality alcohol does not overdry hands
  • Made in the USA